Drivers putting lives at risk

Drivers in the area are being warned to follow the diversion route during the essential maintenance works on Galafoot Bridge (A6091), or risk injury to themselves or others, or at best receive a fine from Police Scotland.

Amey, the company carrying out the works, and the local police are both concerned that drivers are attempting to drive the wrong way along the one-way route, which runs from the A7 via the B6360 to Abbotsford.

Amey said: “We are receiving reports that vehicles are ignoring the no entry signs on the B6360 at Abbotsford House, which puts other road users at risk and increases the chance of an incident happening at this location. Police Scotland have been informed and additional signage has been added at this location to ensure that traffic is observing this one-way diversion.”

Police Scotland have issued their own warning to people who ignore the ‘no entry’ signs at Abbotsford: “There are plenty of diversion signs out, and motorists are reminded to obey the one way system that is in place.  This one way system will be robustly enforced due to the safety implications and motorists are reminded of the consequences if they are caught or cause a collision.  A number of motorists have already been caught driving through the road closures and no entry signs. These motorists have been reported by police.”

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