Community Woodland

The Darnick Community Woodland is in the North West corner of the village, along Broomilees Road, and covers an area of 7.5 acres.  It is open for everyone to use, and is a great location for walking, picnics and exploring nature.

The woodland is split into two parts – “Shunters Wud” on the north side and “Wee Shunters Wud” on the south. The names are a reminder of the famous “Waverley Line”, which closed in 1969, and is now buried under the soil in which the trees are growing.  The reopening of the new Waverley Line in 2015 has revived interest in the history of the line and there is a pleasant walk from Tweedbank Station to the village, along the route of the old line.

In 1996/97, the Regional Council were looking for suitable sites for Community Woods. They approached Borders Forest Trust with a plan for the woodland. Planting began on 14th February 1998 and various groups were involved: villagers, schoolchildren. D.O.E. candidates, and at the follow-up stage The Scottish Wildlife Trust.  Gates and seats were added with a special seat to commemorate the railway, and an oak tree was planted to mark the Millennium.  There are now over three thousand trees with fourteen species of native trees from the ancient Ettrick Forest.

The woodland walk is part of the Darnick Village Walk and explanatory boards can be found at the entrances to “Shunters Wud”. Parking is in Broomilees Road.

For more information about the woodland and/or to volunteer to help with its upkeep, please contact: Brenda Robertson on 01896 822724.