Emergency volunteer team

resilience groupA small group of volunteers has been set up, ready to support and assist the Darnick community in the event of an unusual emergency incident or event.

As part of the Borders-wide Resilient Communities initiative, organised by Scottish Borders council, the group’s aim is to provide help to those in need of assistance and, if required, the emergency services, by coordinating local support to their response.

Ways in which the team can help include snow clearing and gritting paths, which was required just recently, plus help during power cuts, collecting prescriptions in bad weather, or running a rest centre in the village hall during an emergency crisis.

Any villagers who do not have family or neighbourly community support in an emergency are encouraged to contact the Resilient Community Volunteers for assitance.

More volunteers are also needed, to help give resilience to the resilient team!  Contact is Andrew Panter, Coordinator, 01896 820254, or any of the volunteers.


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